16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (2023)

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6 April 2022 by Sean Leonard

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (1)

Japanese designers always seem to be that little bit more daring, whether we’re talking catwalk collections from Issey Miyake or streetwear from the likes of Cav Empt. They certainly have a love for denim and a knack for mashing up classic American and European designs into something altogether more outlandish – something unmistakeably Oriental.

There’s something undeniably special about Japanese style. There are certain heavyweight nations that are always discussed when it comes to menswear, but Japan often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. We know in theory that it’s a nation filled with cutting-edge designs, but it’s a world that feels difficult to navigate if you’re not already on the inside. It’s time for that to change, so we’ve put together an introductory guide to some of the most iconic and interesting Japanese menswear brands in the game.

Japanese designers always seem to be that little bit more daring, whether we’re talking catwalk collections from Issey Miyake or streetwear from the likes of Cav Empt. They certainly have a love for denim and a knack for mashing up classic American menswear and European designs, into something altogether more outlandish – something unmistakeably Oriental. So if you’re wondering which brands the most fashionable men on the planet frequently wear to stay looking fresh – from fashion houses you need to know about – fear not. The following guide has been made to keep you in the loop, because, after all, if you’re not clued up about your Japanese threads, you haven’t really entered the game.\

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16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (2)1/15


If you’re new to the Visvim brand, the clothes probably look like something that would be worn by a farmer from the future. In reality, the brand was founded in 2001 by designer Hiroki Nakamura and has become famous for its vintage-inspired, rustic aesthetic (and the luxury price point it’s available for).

The brand has grabbed the attention of all the clothing nerds on menswear blogs, but more interestingly, it has also created unlikely fans in celebrity circles, like Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Kanye West and A$AP Rocky. Fun fact: the name means nothing, Nakamura just liked the way “vis” and “vim” looked next to each other.

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (3)2/15

Mastermind Japan

Mastermind Japan is responsible for an endless list of interesting collaborations, from Carhartt, to adidas, to Moncler, to Stussy. Sadly, the brand retired just after the Spring/Summer 2013 season, but that makes it no less influential. Exclusivity reigned supreme at this Japanese menswear house.

Designer Masaaki Honma often produced no more than 3 of each item, which frequently featured punk-inspired graphics, unique use of raw materials and the label’s iconic skull and crossbones logo. Mastermind Japan made a special limited comeback earlier this year via the Origami commerce platform, so perhaps there’s a future for it yet.

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16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (4)3/15


When we talk about names that put Japanese style on the map, we have to mention Jun Takahashi. The legendary designer founded his label, Undercover, in 1991 while still at school and has been a fashion world favourite ever since his first runway show in 1994.

His achingly cool streetwear combines elements of urban style with high fashion sophistication. The garments are inspired by youth and rebellion – they’re deconstructed, slashed, reconstituted and emblazoned with powerful graphics that make a totally punk, anti-fashion statement. Undercover is Japanese menswear at its very best.

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (5)4/15


Designer Shinsuke Takizawa was heavily involved in motorcycles and the surrounding counterculture when he started the Neighbourhood brand in Tokyo in 1994. The concept was to craft basic clothing inspired by unique interpretations of elements from motorcycles, the military and the outdoors.

The result is a collection that includes denim, leather jackets, motorcycle goods, eyewear, interior items and more. There’s even a children’s line called Neighborhood One Third, based on the idea of making Neighborhood items at 1/3 the normal size. 2009 saw the introduction of the Luker By Neighborhood line, which adds a British influence into the mix.

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (6)5/15


Nonnative has been crafting quality casual and contemporary clothing since the early 2000s. Founder Satoshi Saffren and designer Takayuki Fuji are inspired by a carefree and youthful lifestyle, which translates into garments inspired by work- and outerwear with subtle military hints.

Nonnative’s underlying philosophy is that quality should be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated, so expect meticulously sourced materials as standard. The aesthetic is clean, casual and functional, in a subdued colour palette of black, white, khaki, olive and navy. The collections are timeless and durable, mixed with new fabrics and inventive details to balance practicality with aesthetics.

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (7)6/15

Beams plus:

Beams originally started as a small pop up store in Tokyo’s Harajuku district in 1974. Their men’s subsidiary brand, Beams Plus was born in 1999, a direct response to the growing market in high-quality casual menswear. Their designs are inspired by no-nonsense street styles from the United States in the late 80s and early 90s, producing anything from jackets and tees to shorts and pants.

They’re also renowned for using heritage fabrics and crafting techniques to create their garments, looking to age-old production methods from around the world to keep their creations unique.

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16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (8)7/15


Ichiro Nakatsu started orSlow in 2005 after developing an obsession with workwear fabrics. He fell in love with clothing that was built to last as opposed to the fast-paced consumer designs that lacked value in his native city of Hyogo. His collections are essentially updated military and industry garments made using denim and cotton - basic in form and understated in colour.

His cuts are more often than not large without being baggy, with a workwear style is inspired by both eastern and western heritage designs.

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (9)8/15

Remi Relief

Remi Relief is the creation of Yutaka Goto, a designer who is heavily influenced by Californian surf culture, particular the eras of the 50s and 60s. He’s created a range of contemporary pieces after extensively studying ageing and dying techniques that are made to look faded and worn - as if from a bygone era.

Goto also uses soft cotton that not only elevates the aged style he is looking for but provides unbelievable comfort. Remi Relief is vintage California soul straight from Japan.

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (10)9/15

Comme des Garçons

As you may have guessed by the name, Comme des Garcons is a Japanese brand that is inspired by French maison couture. The brand was founded by Rei Kawakubo back in 1969 and has a flagship store in Aoyama, Japan’s renowned fashion district.

They produce unique, modern pieces more in tune with somewhere like Berlin, for those who like to walk that line between smart casual and casual evening. The fashion house also produces patchwork stylings that appear on select pieces, becoming something of a signature for the brand’s style.

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16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (11)10/15


Y-3 is a collaboration between two clothing superpowers, Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and German sports giant Adidas. Yamamoto is known for his Avant-Garde collections that challenge design preconceptions, and this is exactly why Adidas wanted him on board to give some of their classics a facelift.

From shell suite jackets and hoodies to bottoms and the classic Torsion sneaker, it seems there’s not a lot that Yamamoto can’t transform into a thing of beauty. But don’t be expecting a normal Adidas mark-up - these pieces come at a designer price.

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (12)11/15

White Mountaineering

When Yosuke Aizawa started White Mountaineering he was heavily influenced by rugged mountain clothing from the US, and quickly started specialising in autumn/winter collections. But there was a definite twist. His designs are bold, colourful and daring, with lots of prints and slogan splashed across classic silhouettes.

He’s also collaborated with the likes of Barbour and Adidas (Original). White Mountaineering is the perfect example of how the Japanese take something we seem to know so well and turn it completely on its head - with eye-catching results.

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (13)12/15


For many of us Uniqlo is arguably the most recognisable brand on this list, yet probably one of the oldest, with a history dating back to 1949. But it wasn’t until the 2000s that this most casual of casual houses really started to make waves. They create very simple clothes, free from logos, that are made to be the foundations of a daily wardrobe, especially if you’re on a budget.

Their minimalist ethos is very much in line with modern trends and design-wise their clothing is good value. But like many high-street stores, their garments are made for more of a quick fix than longevity.

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (14)13/15

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Tetsu Nishiyama started WTAPS (pronounced Double Taps) in the backstreets of Tokyo in 1996, producing clothing heavily influenced by the military and outdoor clothing associated with 90s hip-hop. And, refreshingly, the brand has stayed to these values since, producing hoodies, caps and pants with the best cotton and woven fabrics around.

Even though WTAPS clothing is closer to a streetwear brand, there is something truly elegant and sophisticated about their garments, something that instantly gives the wearer higher esteem in the eyes of others.

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (15)14/15


It’s safe to say that Takahiro Miyashita is a fashion visionary. When he left the hugely successful cult brand Number (N)ine in 2009, it was to explore his own creativity. He launched Takahiromiyashita TheSoloist in 2010 and to this day remains the only designer.

He seems to have the Midas touch with his creations, which go from absurd Avant guard to streetwear collaborations with converse. Miyashita has created a fashion world of his own and creates collections that could well be considered works of contemporary art.

16 Best Japanese Menswear Brands (16)15/15

Cav Empt

Float around some of the more artistic sectors of the world’s biggest cities and you will see for yourself that Cav Empt defines on-trend. Founded in 2012 by SK8THING (Billionaire Boys Club, BAPE) and Toby Feltwell (Mo’Wax Records), Cav Empt is all about colourful, sought-after streetwear.

Their graphics and colourways are eyecatching and represent a culture clash, much like an old Mo’Wax 12 inch. Whether you’re looking for a subtle addition to your wardrobe or a statement piece, you’ll find something in their collection to suit you. Made for the real street culture vulture.


What brand is popular in Japan? ›

Japan 100 2022 Ranking
23NTT Group
32Mitsubishi Group
56 more rows

What is the most famous clothing in Japan? ›

The kimono (着物), labelled the "national costume of Japan", is the most well-known form of traditional Japanese clothing. The kimono is worn wrapped around the body, left side over right, and is sometimes worn layered.

What clothes do Japanese men wear? ›

For men, the hakama is traditional formal attire. It can be a pleated skirt or full-cut trousers worn over the top of a regular kimono donned for formal occasions like weddings and also for martial arts.

What is a Japanese home and apparel brand? ›

Uniqlo. Uniqlo tops the charts when it comes to Japanese brands. And if you have been looking for Japanese apparel, you must have definitely heard of it. Founded in 1949, Uniqlo is an inexpensive brand that does not compromise on its quality.

What American brands are popular in Japan? ›

Some well-known American-based companies in Japan: GE, Apple, Dell, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Google, Coca-Cola, Adidas,Nike, Harley-Davidson, Citibank, Bank of America (Merrill Lynch), Aflac, American Express, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Prudential, Goldman Sachs, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Hard Rock Café, Tony ...

Is Superdry Japanese? ›

Superdry plc (stylised as SUPERDRY®︎冒険魂) is a UK branded clothing company, and owner of the Superdry label. Superdry products combine vintage American styling with Japanese-inspired graphics. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Why do Japanese wear loose clothes? ›

In general, Japanese people do not like to show much skin, and they do not like to show off their bodies by wearing form-fitted clothing or tight clothes. Being confident about your body is often seen as something negative.

Is Sacai a luxury brand? ›

Sacai (stylized in lowercase) is a Japanese luxury fashion brand founded by Chitose Abe (née Chitose Sakai) in 1999. Vogue magazine has cited Sacai as influential in breaking down the dichotomy between casual and formal clothing.

What brands does Japan make? ›

Japanese Global Top Brands (Interbrand)
  • Toyota.
  • Honda.
  • Nissan.
  • Canon.
  • Sony.
  • MUFG.
  • Panasonic.
  • Uniqlo.
Sep 28, 2020

What is Japanese streetwear called? ›

Gyaru (sometimes known as Ganguro, actually a subcategory of gyaru), is a type of Japanese street fashion that originated in the 1970s.

Are clothes expensive in Japan? ›

6. Japanese Clothing Brands are Cheaper in Japan!

This may be a given, but Japanese clothing brands are also much cheaper when bought in Japan, even if you may have the same store in your country! Stop in at the more inexpensive stores, such as Uniqlo or GU, to experience additional savings.

Is it OK to wear black in Japan? ›

While it is true that people wear black during funerals, it does not mean black is for funerals only. You can wear all black whenever and where ever you like. Tank tops and shorts are perfectly fine. Working Japanese usually do not wear shorts, so you don't see them in shorts except on weekends.

Are jeans OK in Japan? ›

Shorts, jeans, and even camisoles are perfectly fine to wear. However, jeans are not generally popular with locals beyond their 20's. For jean lovers, we suggest packing black jeans as an alternative to blue denim. Darker denim is also more versatile because it is easier to dress up.

Can you wear red in Japan? ›

red dress expresses happy and flashy

In fact, as far as fabrics are concerned, red is considered in Japan as the happiest color you can get.

Is Gucci cheaper in Japan? ›

#HHWT Tip: Popular branded stores such as Gucci, LOEWE, Asics and Valentino are widely frequented by Japanese shoppers as the prices are slightly lower at Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu. You can spend hours shopping at this premium outlet alone!

Is UNIQLO cheap in Japan? ›

Is Uniqlo cheaper in Japan? Despite having international versions of the brand, Uniqlo products are cheaper to purchase from Japan than their physical counterparts in retail locations worldwide. Since Uniqlo is a Japanese brand, prices in the country of origin are usually lower than anywhere else in the world.

Is it cheaper to buy luxury goods in Japan? ›

That´s why Japan has become the cheapest place to buy luxury in Asia and around the world. According to J.P. Morgan, on average, Japanese prices are 8% cheaper than Hong Kong ones.

What does Japan buy from America? ›

Japan Imports from United StatesValueYear
Optical, photo, technical, medical apparatus$7.10B2021
Electrical, electronic equipment$5.63B2021
Meat and edible meat offal$3.59B2021
93 more rows

What famous products have been invented in Japan? ›

10 things you didn't know were invented in Japan
  • Emoji. ...
  • Walkman. ...
  • CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, VHS. ...
  • The novel. ...
  • Jet Ski. ...
  • Laptop. ...
  • 3D printing. ...
  • Selfie stick.
May 22, 2020

Do Japanese like peanut butter? ›

Japan. The Japanese are rumored to be appalled by peanut butter. They do have peanut cream or peanut whip, and while this might sound like peanut butter, it apparently tastes more like peanut flavored frosting. Next time you're thinking about traveling outside the U.S., bring your own jar of peanut butter with you.

Who wears Superdry? ›

Superdry is now found in more than 100 countries worldwide – and has has the backing of celebrities such as David Beckham and Idris Elba.

Why is Superdry so popular? ›

Mr. Dunkerton and James Holder, a British clothing designer who co-founded Superdry, said the success was the result of capturing the attention of a niche market — casual fashion for young men. Superdry clothes feature good-quality fabrics, vintage designs, an eye-catching logo and painstaking attention to detail.

Is Superdry luxury? ›

Superdry is a luxury clothing brand that's popular all around the world. Superdry is known for its relaxed, sporty style with an adventurous edge. The brand has a focus on sustainable production and its signature collection features elements of vintage Americana and Japanese-style text and graphics.

How do you dress like a Japanese? ›

Japanese clothing
  1. Go for a baggy and oversized silhouette.
  2. Opt for wide-leg trousers.
  3. Neutral & muted colours.
  4. Plaids & stripes.
  5. Look out for MUJI-esque fabric.
  6. Layer up to add texture.
  7. Stick to comfortable and versatile shoes with simple designs.
  8. Socks, socks, and socks.
Nov 17, 2020

Why are Japanese people so well dressed? ›

On average, Japanese are fashionable as fashion is a common way for an individual to distinguish themselves in homogenous societies. High-conformist Societies like Japan are often seen as more fashionable as greater attention is placed on fashion to express an individual's personality.

What is Japan famous for? ›

Japan is famous for natural sights like cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji, cutting-edge technology like Japanese cars and bullet trains, wacky inventions like karaoke and vending machines, cultural values like politeness and punctuality, popular anime and manga, and mouth-watering food like ramen and sushi.

Is Sacai good quality? ›

The materials are really solid, good quality. Sacai designs aren't for everyone, they are weird. But for the people that are really into fashion, they'll dig it and it's a crazy entry-level price point for a sacai piece.

What does Sacai stand for? ›

South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI) was established in 2012. It is a non-profit private assessment body that assess the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and General Education and Training Certificate: Adult Basic Education and Training (GETC: ABET) qualifications to a diverse group of candidates.

Why is it called Sacai? ›

Thus, sacai — named after her maiden name, “Sakai” — was born. Abe first worked out of a small office space in Tokyo, where she cultivated “sacai luck,” the brand's 2006 lingerie line, which later expanded into a full womenswear collection.

Are luxury items cheaper in Japan? ›

With a whirlwind of mid-range apparels and luxury goods, it's no surprise to find many brands that are cheaper in Japan. Whether you're looking for a vintage Louis Vuitton handbag or Japan-exclusive Adidas sneakers, we hope this shopping guide will make your Japan trip worthwhile.

Is Nike popular in Japan? ›

Consumers in Japan wear athletic clothes and shoes in everyday life for the style. Thanks to the revival of fashion trends from the 1990s, the Air max series from Nike, for instance, boasts a high popularity with the young generation across the country.

Is Lululemon popular in Japan? ›

lululemon found success in Japan by replicating its strategy in the US and using professional athletes and yoga instructors as brand ambassadors instead of celebrities to market products. As of May of 2022, lululemon's operating margin was 7% higher than Nike's at 21.4%.

What can you not bring back from Japan? ›

Japan strictly prohibits entry of narcotics and related utensils, firearms, firearm parts and ammunition, explosives and gunpowder, precursor materials for chemical weapons, germs that are likely to be used for bioterrorism, counterfeit goods or imitation coins or currency, obscene materials, or goods that violate ...

Are clothes expensive in Japan? ›

6. Japanese Clothing Brands are Cheaper in Japan!

This may be a given, but Japanese clothing brands are also much cheaper when bought in Japan, even if you may have the same store in your country! Stop in at the more inexpensive stores, such as Uniqlo or GU, to experience additional savings.

Is shopping cheap in Japan? ›

Shopping in Japan is neither cheap nor expensive. Generally speaking, Electronics, shoes and branded goods are more expensive in Japan (Compared to the USA). Anime goods, Japanese souvenirs tend to be cheap. Just like any other country, There are very cheap shops (Example: Daiso.

Is Louis Vuitton cheaper in Japan than USA? ›

It should be obvious to you that, if you're buying for personal use, getting a Louis Vuitton bag from Japan is the safest and cheapest option out there.

Is Chanel cheap in Japan? ›

Are Chanel Handbags Cheaper in Japan? Yes, but the difference is not that huge for the majority of handbags.

Is Louis Vuitton made in Japan? ›

For their handbags, they do not stray far from their beginnings. Louis Vuitton bags as of early 2021 are made in France and Spain with one new edition, the United States.

Can you wear red in Japan? ›

red dress expresses happy and flashy

In fact, as far as fabrics are concerned, red is considered in Japan as the happiest color you can get.

Can I wear jeans in Japan? ›

Shorts, jeans, and even camisoles are perfectly fine to wear. However, jeans are not generally popular with locals beyond their 20's. For jean lovers, we suggest packing black jeans as an alternative to blue denim. Darker denim is also more versatile because it is easier to dress up.

What sneakers are popular in Japan? ›

1. Top 14 Japanese sneakers brands you should know
  • 1.1. Shoes Like Pottery. If you're a fan of sneakers, you cannot ignore Shoes Like Pottery, one of the best Japanese sneaker brands. ...
  • 1.2. ASICS. ...
  • 1.3. Hender Scheme. ...
  • 1.4. LOSERS. ...
  • 1.5. NIKE. ...
  • 1.6. Onitsuka Tiger' ...
  • 1.7. RFW Tokyo. ...
  • 1.8. Mizuno.

What does lululemon stand for? ›

By including an "L" in the name it was thought the Japanese consumer would find the name innately North American and authentic. In essence, the name “lululemon” has no roots and means nothing other than it has 3 "L's" in it. Nothing more and nothing less. You can see a version of this on Lululemon's Facebook page.

Who owns Lululemon? ›

Founded by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, Canada in 1998, lululemon is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company for women and men. What started as a design studio by day and yoga studio by night soon became a standalone store in November of 2000 on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood.

Why did they call it lululemon? ›

Lululemon was founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with its first standalone store opening in November 2000. Wilson created the name to have many L's so that it would sound western to Japanese buyers, who often have difficulty pronouncing the letter.


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