15 Cool & Unique Stays in Canada! - Jenz Journeys (2023)

🇨🇦 15 Cool & Unique Stays in Canada!

I LOVE “Cool and Unique” finds! Hidden gems and “one of a kind” stays excite me and when I hear about something unusual I can’t wait to check it out! Covid has been difficult for everyone and with the borders set to open travellers are ready to start exploring again! For the past three years I have been exploring Canada and I am excited to share the “15 Cool & Unique Stays in Canada” I that I found with you! These finds are great staycation ideas and cool enough to inspire international travellers too!

1. Le Hobbit – Entre Cîmes et Racines, in Québec

Calling all Lord of the Rings fans! Have you dreamed about staying in a Hobbit Home? Has the logistics and distance to get to New Zealand turned those dreams into nightmares?! Fortunately, thanks to Entre Cîmes et Racines’s “Le Hobbit” in Bolton-Est, Québec, your hobbit home dreams can come true! Only 6.5hrs from Toronto, it’s definitely a whole “world” closer!

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To learn more about this Cool & Unique Stay watch for my upcoming Blog link and YouTube about this find!


2. The Caboose Overnight – Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario, in Ontario

Are you a train enthusiast?! Would you like to share the nostalgia of the caboose with your younger loved ones? Now you can stay overnight like a “train man” in your very own 1940’s or 1960’s caboose! This Air BNB find is thanks to the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario in Smith Falls! Just 4hrs from Toronto it is a fast track to a trip down memory lane!

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3.The Bubble Tent – Cavaland, in Québec

Can you imagine watching a Meteor Shower from the comfort of your bed with an unobstructed view! We lucked into just that with our Bubble Tent stay at Parc Cavaland in Ste-Marguerite-Estérel, Québec! A horse lovers dream, Parc Cavaland is a horse refuge that offers guests a variety of activities throughout the park. From medieval fairs to carousel rides this unique stay is just over 6hrs from Toronto and worth the “ride” there!

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Learn more about this Cool & Unique Stay by clicking the link below. My Instagram reel about Parc Cavaland has more information in the description!

4. The Stargazer Dome – Glen Oro Farm, in Ontario

Calling all stargazers! Is star gazing in bed something you’d love to try but just closer to Toronto? The Stargazer Domes at Glen Oro Farm are perfect for you! Celestial views and just 1.5 hrs away you can’t get a better combination! Ensuite bathroom, kitchenette and fire pit are all part of your Dome booking stay! Optional trail rides are available too!

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To learn more about this Cool & Unique Stay click this link to book: https://www.glenoro.com

5. Teepee – Thrive Tours, in Ontario

Have you ever wanted to experience what it’s like to sleep in an authentic, indigenous owned Teepee? I have, and we did just that with Thrive Tours! Indigenous owned and operated, they are an Eco tourism company in Sault Saint Marie. Amanda and Brad are the owners and two of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting! They actually even let us set up their Teepee as well!

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For more information about all of the options this wonderful Indigenous owned and operated eco tour company has to offer click the link below:


6. The Wolf Lodge – Parc Omega, in Québec

Are you a wolf lover? At Parc Omega you can sleep with wolves and it is the only opportunity of its kind in North America! Parc Omega’s Wolf Lodge has floor to ceiling windows that allow you up close, yet safe encounters with your wolf neighbour friends! Thanks to our full moon stay, our wolf pack woke us at 4:30 am with their howls which was an incredible thing to witness indeed!

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7. The Invisible Accommodation – Arcana, in Ontario

On a coolness scale of unique stays an invisible accommodation is definitely a top contender! And the newly opened Arcana, just under 2 hrs from Toronto offers just that! Made from giant stainless steel mirrored panels, Arcana’s new cabins are nearly invisible! The”nearly” is thanks to the custom adhesive bird film applied to the exterior of Arcana’s cabins. The choice to be bird friendly over total invisibility is, a commendable decision and kudos to Arcana for choosing that!

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8. The Treehouse and Eco Pods’ – Au Diable Vert, in Québec

Nestled in the Eastern Townships region of Québec, Au Diable Vert offers unique accommodations that showcase the most incredible views of Vermont’s Green Mountains right from your window or balcony! Family owned and operated, Au Diable Vert has activities and trails that are fun for the whole family throughout your vacation or staycation!

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9. The Themed Suites at Fantasyland Hotel – West Edmonton Mall, in Alberta

Are you ready for some galactic fun? Perhaps explore Roman times or bring out the Princess in you!? Alberta’s Fantasyland at West Edmonton Mall has 13 themed suites types to choose from! Each room offers a jacuzzi tub, mirror over the bed and their own unique cool vibe! All of this fun makes it difficult between staying in your room or enjoying the discounts to some of West Edmonton Mall’s favourite activities which are included with your stay!

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To book your Fantasyland Stay click this link:


10. The Ice Hotel Stay -L’Hotel de Glace, in Québec

Are you a Frozen fan? Maybe you appreciate the artistry of ice sculpting?! L’Hotel de Glace in Valcartier, Québec is the seasonal escape for you! Each winter this hotel is rebuilt with brand new designs and ice carving artworks to enjoy! Included with your stay is access to the sauna, 3 hot tubs and the main hotel lodge for those needing some extra warmth! Although day passes are also available, you’ll find more frosty fun opportunities with an overnight stay!

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11. The Glamping Stay – Stoco Lake Lodge, in Ontario

An impromptu girls escape, this fairly new glamping experience was a highlight of our summer thanks to our wonderful host Cassie, owner of Stoco Lake Lodge in Tweed, Ontario! Your stay includes a private bbq, fire pit and lovely water front views! The beach and water activities were the perfect way to spend our sunny Saturday!

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To book your Glamping Stay click the link below:


12. The Suspended Spherical Treehouse – Free Spirit Spheres, in British Columbia

This is the one! Always drawn to cool and unusual finds, this extremely unique accommodation is the one that really inspired me about unusual stays almost 2 decades ago! Located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Free Spirit Spheres was just a little out of reach in my younger years. The inspirational seed it planted to find all things unusual and cool began to grow! A bucket list check, I am happy to be able to share it here!

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13. The Wine Barrel Stay – AirBNB in Ontario

Wine lovers, this one is for you! Ontario is known for fabulous wines and this unique find is in Essex county, one of Ontario’s wine regions! The Wine Barrel is an AirBNB stay is on the property of a winery with peaceful water views. Your stay includes your own private rowboat and it is only a short drive to visit Canada’s southmost point as well! Wine is optional as it is BYOB!


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14. The Romani Caravan Stay – AirBNB, in Ontario

Disney has a knack of creating positive fascination about a variety of things and their movie the Hunchback back of Notre Dam was no exception! A favourite in our house for years thanks to the outspoken humanitarian Esmerelda the nomadic Roma of years gone by have always fascinated me! The cute AirBNB finds is thanks to superhosts Janie and John and includes breakfast and chats with this wonderful couple!

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15. The Reindeer Experience Overnight – AirBNB in Ontario

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen and all of their other friends too, but did you know that you can have an AirBNB experience on a reindeer farm right here in Ontario? Last but not least #15 of 15 Cool & Unique Stays in Canada is Reindeer Way Station in Black River-Matheson, Ontario! This unique overnight find allows you to be in the company of your very own reindeers! Steve is an Air BNB super host and one the few reindeer farm owners in Canada! No naughty and nice list required!

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Whether you are looking for a unique Canadian Staycation idea or some extra enticement to visit our beautiful country, these “15 Cool & Unique Stays in Canada” are certain to inspire everyone!


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